Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Weather changes are just around the corner. Whether it’s cold, snowy, wet, or some combination thereof, you want to be sure that you and your home are ready. It’s a great time to take some steps that not only prepare your roof for winter, but help you keep your roof in good condition, overall.

Basic Roof Cleaning

Underside of Roof Edge with Icicles

Prepare Your Roof for Winter Now.

Start with some basic roof cleaning and maintenance. Get those leaves off the roof and out of the gutters before they have a chance to cause mildew, mold, or roof rot. As you clean, or have the roof cleaned by professionals, watch for problems that may need addressing.

Cut Tree Limbs

If you tree has grown over your roof and you haven’t had it trimmed in a while, do so now. Winter weather can cause all kinds of damage, including falling tree limbs. Avoiding this severe roof damage by doing a little tree pruning.

Schedule an Inspection

Call a professional for a roof inspection. Even if you haven’t seen any signs of potential damage, let a roofing expert take a look to be sure. That way, you know for certain that your roof is safe for the winter.

Schedule Repairs

If you do need roof repairs, don’t wait to have them done. Schedule them now so that your roof isn’t trying to survive the coming season with the problems. It may also prevent you from having trouble scheduling repairs later after winter, when more people need them.

Let us help you prepare your roof for winter. Call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions today at 469-264-5176 and schedule your inspection or repairs, or ask us for more information on how your roof can survive the coming season.