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What to do After a House Fire

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If You Need Fire Damage Restoration For Your Home, Call Us Today

House fires are scary and dangerous events. While we do everything we can to try to prevent them from happening, sometimes accidents occur. Faulty wiring, mother nature, or a forgetful moment of leaving the stove on or a curling iron plugged in can set a house ablaze. If your house has been affected by a fire, you will need fire damage repair and fire restoration services. Fire damage repair involves immediate repairs of the damaged structure, while fire damage restoration involving scavenging for objects that can be saved. For fire damage restoration services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

How Fire Damage Does So Much Destruction

Areas of the home you should inspect and assess for fire damage repair include:

  • The kitchen, since this is most likely where the fire originated. Whether it be from a dish towel hovering too close to a heating unit or an oven with too much baked on grease that resulted in a grease fire, nearly half of all residential fires start in the kitchen.
  • Check appliances that use large amounts of energy. These include appliances like dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, HVAC units, and toaster ovens.
  • Dryers are especially prone to catching fire if the lint buildup inside gets too high and heated. Melted plastic in the dishwasher or faulty parts can cause it to overheat.
  • Aluminum foil often sets microwaves ablaze.
  • Crumbs or faulty wires can set off finicky toaster ovens, as well.
  • Leaving a candle going in the bedroom or living room can catch fire on bedding or curtains.
  • Chimneys and fireplaces are often forgotten about and not cleaned as regularly as they should, allowing burning embers, ash, and dust to build up and escape.

How Do I Clean my House After Smoke Damage?

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House Fires Cause a Lot of Damage And Need Fire Damage Restoration

Something as simple as opening a window can help you in your process of fire damage cleanup as it ventilates the smoke out. Also, wash what clothes and fabrics were exposed to smoke and fire damage that day. Don’t start doing major fire damage restoration by yourself just yet, and wait until you contact your insurance agency and a professional fire damage restoration company. You could end up throwing away evidence or a severely charred valuable that you could get restored or compensated for! For a professional professional fire damage restoration company in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176.

How Do You Clean Up After a House Fire?

While it is overwhelming and heartbreaking trying to regroup after dealing with a house fire, there are some important things that need to be addressed immediately. These include finding a safe place to stay, contacting your insurance, and recovering your possessions.
Find a Safe Place to Stay

Even if only a part of your home took the brunt of fire damage, the entirety of the home will have smoke damage. Breathing in too much smoke can lead to lung cancer! Evacuate your home and stay with family or friends or a local disaster relief shelter such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

You’ll need to make a claim right away about “loss of use.” This claim will help cover living and other daily expenses while finding temporary shelter and going through the process of fire damage restoration.

Address Your Finances

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If You Have Been in a House Fire and Need Fire Damage Restoration, Call Us

Even if your home is destroyed by fire damage, you still have to pay mortgage payments for the lot of land. Your insurance policy should cover your home’s value and mortgage to help ease the financial burden while you regroup and look for a new place to live.

Recover Your Possessions

Recovery after a house fire is never fun. Know that there will be losses, but hope that the items that you want and need were preserved. So, is fire damage covered by homeowners insurance? Typically any items destroyed in a fire are covered by insurance in the homeowners replacement cost policy. You will receive the cash value of the damaged items and a replacement for the destroyed items after they are accounted for during the home fire restoration process.

How Can You Prevent a House Fire?

You can prevent house fires by practicing safe cooking habits like staying in the kitchen when food is boiling, frying, or being grilled. If you live in wildfire prone areas, get a flame resistant roof like metal or tile so you can avoid having to get emergency roof repair in Dallas, TX. Don’t smoke in bed and make sure the cigarette butss are completetely stubbed out in an ashtray. Don’t cause your extension cords and wires to short circuit and start a fire by placing too many plugs in one socket. If you use any gas products like a fireplace, water heater, or space heater, monitor it while in use. Teach your children about fire safety and practice it yourself! It could not only save your home, but your life! For fire damage restoration services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176.

Why You Should Get a Metal Roof Installed

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Residential Metal Roofing Is A Great Investment If You Want A Roof That Will Last Generations

While once primarily only seen on commercial roofs, metal is becoming increasingly seen on more and more residential roofs. That is because homeowners are taking note of the many advantages that metal provides as a roofing system. One of the big issues that homeowners deal with if they have asphalt shingles are storm damage and leaks. Asphalt shingles are so popular because they are affordable due to their cheap materials. The cheap materials allow for easy wear and tear to happen. With metal, the the panels are virtually indestructible. Metal roofs are seamless and durable, meaning that leaks won’t happen, eliminating the need for you to call an emergency plumbing service for leak repair. While the price for metal roof installation is not cheap upfront, you save thousands of dollars over time as metal roofs last 3 times as long as asphalt roofs and require little maintenance. If you are interested in having metal roofing installed on your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

  • Metal roofs last a minimum of 50 years, with average lifespans of 80 years. Well kept metal roofs can last up to 100 years before they need to be replaced!
  • Metal roofing is available in tons of different materials. You can choose from steel, aluminum, standing seam, or corrugated. You can get these metal roofs installed as vertical or horizontal panels or as shingles.
  • To prolong your metal roof’s life, you can get a metal roof coating that is easily sprayed and reapplied on top of your metal roof. You can opt for colored coatings if you don’t want a silver metallic roof.
  • Metal roofing is highly reflective, lowering the temperature of your home and therefore lowering your energy bills,

How to Protect Your Home From Severe Wind and Rain

Severe Wind

Many Don’t Realize That Severe Wind Inflicts More Damage Than Hail Each Year.

Storm damage often makes homeowners feel helpless. Hail owns the worst reputation for rooftop trauma, but there are many potential problems created by extreme wind and rain, such as…

  • Misplaced or Torn Off Shingles
  • Hidden Roof Leaks
  • Foundation Damage
  • Wood Rot
  • Flooding

Thankfully, there are several measures we can take to keep our homes safe and protected against future storms. Here are some tips to help you defend your home against severe wind damage and water degradation.

What is Wind Damage to a Roof?

There are two common forms of wind damage (not including tornadoes): wind force and wind-borne debris. Consistently strong wind can gradually uplift and rip away shingles (even tile, in some cases). To have sufficient force to cause severe wind damage, wind speeds typically need to exceed 50-60mph.

Of course, wind can also throw plant and other miscellaneous debris against your roofing system. Many homeowners have trees that hang over their rooftops. This is actually pretty dangerous, especially in environments with extreme storm patterns. If your trees are consistently dropping debris over your roof, you may want to consider a tree regulator installation for storm damage preventionOtherwise, you consistently risk falling branches creating a roofing emergency.

Proper Draining, Plus Gutter Maintenance

Rain causes much more degradation each year than hail. It can effect your foundation, cause wood rot in your attic, and much more. To help you avoid these headaches, make sure your property is arranged for proper draining. That may include minor landscaping work and new gutter installation, but the payoff is thousands of dollars in avoided damages. Above all, make sure water is flowing away from your home (not towards your foundation) during the next rain storm.

Need to Schedule Roof Wind Damage Repair?

If you’ve already suffered damages from severe wind, our team at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions would be happy to help by providing repairs. You can call our team at 469-264-5176 and schedule an inspection for roof wind damage repair.

Save Energy with Attic Ventilation

Ever climb up in your attic to grab a box of Christmas ornaments in the winter and come back down the ladder all sweaty? You were only up there 5 minutes and the temperature outside is below freezing. If that has happened to you, it is because your attic is not ventilated, or not properly ventilated. Proper attic ventilation can reduce the sweltering heat that gets trapped in your roof, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. If you need attic ventilation in your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home, call the roofers at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

Why Do Attics Need to Be Vented?

A Roof Vent Can Save You Money on Energy Bills and Cool Down Your Home!

Attics need to be ventilated to keep the home at livable temperatures. By having roof vents and space between your rafters and ceiling, hot air that naturally rises can escape through the roof. If the hot air cannot escape and gets trapped, your roof gets damaged from the extreme temperatures. Heat levels of 150 degrees could be pushing against your shingle roof, causing the shingles to warp, split, and crack, shortening your roof’s lifespan and requiring replacement sooner. An attic fan that keeps the air circulating can help lower the temperature and prevent your roof from failing.

You may not think that the air in the attic will affect the air in the living room downstairs, but it does! If you ever walk from one room to another and they are completely different temperatures, it is because there is no ventilation of air. The air ducts found regularly around your home could be clogged and preventing air flow. With attic ventilation, all rooms are equally ventilated since the roof and attic cover the entire home. Your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to maintain temperature levels for all rooms when an attic is ventilated.

Contact Us for Roof Repairs

The attic ventilation and insulation is also good at absorbing water! This is beneficial for heavy rainstorms or snow that seeps through the roof. You won’t have to worry as much about a ceiling leak with roof ventilation. If your roof has gotten damaged from the extreme heat of your attic or leaks that weren’t absorbed because there was no ventilation, call us today for repairs! We’ll repair your roof and can install attic ventilation in your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home. Reach our roofers at 469-264-5176 to schedule an appointment.

Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Option

If you are looking to install a new roof on your home, one of the best roofing options to consider is architectural shingle roofing. While it’s a very beautiful roofing system, there are other reasons homeowners should think about choosing this type of roof for their home. Below are some reasons why architectural shingle roofing is a great option.

They Are Very Durable

Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Option

Learn Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Residential Roof Option.

Are you interested in a roof that can last more than 20 years? With architectural shingles, you are able to have that type of roof between 25 to 40 years; you never have to worry about replacing this roofing system while you are living in your home.

Offers Fantastic Protection

Another great characteristic of an architectural shingle roof is that they are resistant to a lot of things like severe winds, hails, and even temperature changes. Because of the material, it can withstand a lot.

Adds More Curb Appeal

As stated before, architectural shingles are such an aesthetically pleasing roofing system. Because of this, they are able to add more curb appeal to your home, which in turn can add more value to your property.

They Pay for Themselves

The cost of the architectural shingle roofs are higher than most, but because of its durability, resistance to elements, and beauty, it ends up paying for itself in the long run.

They Are Energy Efficient

In addition to all of the other great benefits, architectural shingles are very energy efficient. Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, architectural shingles were designed with more insulation as well as more light deflection properties.

If you are interested in architectural shingles for your Dallas, TX or Rockwall, TX home, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176.

How to Recognize Roof Wind Damage

Roof Wind Damage

High Winds Can Strip Shingles Right Off Your Roof, Creating the Need for Immediate Repair.

Aside from old age, storms represent the number one threat to a roof’s stability. Hail, rainfall, and especially wind can combine to damage, degrade, and deteriorate your roof until replacement stands as the only repair option. In order to get full value from your roof, you should prolong its life through regular, responsive wind damage repairs. If you recently went through a major storm, look for these signs of roof wind damage.

Wind Damage

Significant wind damage can blow shingles right off your roof, creating the potential for serious leaks. Wind will also weaken your roofing over time. The signs of this type of damage are typically unapparent to the eye, however, and require identification from a trained professional. As a general rule, you should avoid the accumulation of this damage with an inspection and repairs to follow every severe storm. As for damage you can see, look for:

  • Missing Shingles: If you see any shingles on the ground, or notice any blackened areas on your roof, then you need immediate repairs.
  • Creased Shingles: Wind that gets beneath shingles can cause them to crease and flap against the roof. Creased shingles not only indicate a potential leak area, but can also damage other nearby shingles.
  • Rooftop Debris: High winds can litter your roof with debris, and also rake debris across your roofing materials for substantial damage. Debris left on a roof also provides a haven for moisture, which will collect and eventually lead to leak.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of roof wind damage in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call the local experts at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions. We stand ready for your service, and are available anytime at 469-264-5176.


Soffit and Fascia: Which is Which?

Soffit and Fascia on Brown Roof

Your Soffit and Fascia Offer Protection Against Debris, Water, and Unwanted Pests.

Homeowners often confuse soffit with their home’s fascia. It’s an easy mistake to make, because your soffit and fascia are linked together to protect your home. Here is a quick breakdown of your home’s soffit and fascia, plus the benefits each section provides for your home.

Soffit: Providing Proper Ventilation

When your roof extends beyond the wall of your home, the underside of the extension is called the soffit. Your home’s soffit has an important job: ventilation. Throughout the day, your rooftop absorbs ultraviolet radiation and starts to accumulate heat. Venting this heat is absolutely critical to maintaining the air conditioning in your home, especially for houses with long hours of focused sunlight.

That’s why you’ll see small vents on the underside of your roof. Strong soffit materials will also protect your roof from excess moisture and water damage. If your soffit is weakened by wood rot or some other form of corrosion, the integrity of your rooftop could be at risk.

Fascia: Supporting Your Gutter

Located on the tip of your roof between the top and soffit is your fascia. Your fascia and soffit work together to keep out wind-blown rain, debris, and pests that might try to sneak in under your roof. One of the most important roles of your fascia is to serve as the connection point for your gutter system. Without a sturdy fastening point, your gutter would pull away from your roof during storms and damage your home.

That’s the difference between your home’s soffit and fascia. For more information or to schedule a roof inspection, talk to one of our experts at 469-264-5176.

Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

Missing Shingles Leave Your Roof Vulnerable to Leaks, and Can Signify Need of a New Roof.

Asphalt shingles represent the most widespread roofing solution in the country. When you consider the relative longevity and unbeatable economy of this material, this popularity makes sense. Like any roofing, however, your asphalt shingle roof will eventually need replacement. Pay attention to the following signs, and call a trusted roofer about a new shingle roof should they appear.

 Old Age

This represents the most common reason for a new shingle roof. Most of these roofs last for around 15 to 20 years with proper care. If this amount of time has come and gone with your roof, then you need to strongly consider the value of replacement. Even if a roof looks totally fine upon casual inspection, it can harbor lingering issues. To prevent the sudden failure of your roof during the next big storm, call a roofer and schedule replacement.

Granule Loss

Your shingles have a granule covering for a specific reason. These granules not only help prevent against wear and tear, but also defend your roof from the hazards of sunlight. When your shingles begin to lose their granules, this is a sign that they’ve either reached an advanced age, or have defects. To determine whether your roof suffers from granule loss, check your gutters.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles provide another valuable indicator that you need a new roof. The occasional missing shingle does not present a problem. However, extensive loss, or shingle loss that requires more than the occasional repair, may warrant a new roof. You should additionally never delay action to address missing shingles, as they can leave your roof highly vulnerable to leaks.

At Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions, we serve as your local experts for all matters of shingle roof replacement. To learn more about a new shingle roof in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call us today at 469-264-5176.

The Importance of Gutters

If you are taking care of a house, you know that there are many different kinds of maintenance you need to do to keep it in good condition. One of these things is the installation of gutters.  Today we will go over the many benefits of gutters, and how to tell if your gutters are damaged.

What Are Rain Gutters For?


Don’t Let Your Gutters Get clogged With Leaves!

Gutters are manufactured to direct rainfall away from a roof and a house’s foundation. They also keep water from pouring off every edge of the house, and damaging the sides of the roof. Furthermore, gutters prevent unnecessary erosion around your home and in your garden. Without them, your roof will become damaged very quickly.

Signs Of Disrepair

Gutter systems have plenty of signs if they need fixing. Some instances of trouble, like rustiness or peeled paint, will be detected from the ground. Either of these are evidence of major wear and tear, as well as advanced age. For this scenario, you may require a completely replacement gutter installation. Additional segments will stand in need of service should they have obvious issues like cracks and punctures. Faulty lengths of a gutter system will encourage many troubles including wood rot, stains, mildew, and mold. Lastly, if segments of the gutters have completely broken away from your house, they absolutely need work.

Professional Gutter Installation

Our goals for every gutter system we install are to give customers with a pleasing addition that also preserves their residence. Each of the system’s attachments will stay in stability, and will not damage your home’s fascia. Gutter systems that are created from correct installation safeguard your residence from water, and drain rainwater in a consistent, straightforward manner. Call us today at (469) 264-5176 if you want updated gutters and want to get information about what we can supply.


Knowing The Right Time To Repaint

Maybe you recently walked up to your house and noticed the paint just isn’t as bright as it used to be or maybe there’s cracks. How do you know it’s the right time to repaint?

Paint your house exterior for a fresh look.

Multiple problems occur when a house needs a paint job. If moisture gets past the paint, it could cause further damage. Plus, your home’s exterior can look gross as paint becomes damaged.

How To Know It’s Time

Nicer Look: A new coat of paint can freshen up the look of a house. Paint colors fade over time due to the sun and weather. By repainting a house, you could possibly raise the property value of your home and give it more “curb appeal”.

Paint Damage: Moisture is destructive to your home. Bubbling, peeling, or cracking paint can be signs that water made its way past the protective layer of paint into the wood.

Wood Exposure: Exposed wood is particularly vulnerable to weather and moisture. If you see exposed wood, it could be a potentially critical situation needing immediate attention. Paint is your main defense against moisture, and exposed wood means the paint has worn off. The costs of repairs could rise the longer the wood is exposed.

Worn Out Caulk: Expanding and contracting with temperature changes, caulk helps to seal the cracks and crevices. However, caulk can get hard and brittle over time. It might be time to hire a professional to recaulk if the caulk around your house is hardening, flaking, or missing.

Repainting the house might not be as expensive as you might think and could cause your house to have a restored layer of protection with a fresh new look. Need a paint job? Call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions to find out more about our paint services at 469-264-5176.