Siding Replacement in Rockwall and Dallas, TX

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Siding Replacement Can Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home.

Siding can help protect your home from the weather, UV rays, and other environmental elements, as well as raise your home value. There are multiple types, colors and compositions to choose from for siding and it can seem overwhelming. When you need siding replacement in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions. We’ll help you make the best decision. We specialize in the installation of James Hardie Siding and we will work with you and explain the features of each material to help you pick the siding that will be most beneficial to your home’s needs. Call 469-264-5176 to schedule an appointment for all your home’s exterior needs.

Quality Services for Siding Replacement

As a company, we offer a wide range of siding materials to ensure that you can choose the appearance you want for your home. Each one provides different benefits and varying prices that allow you to choose the right siding material at the right price. We work with the finest manufacturers to purchase the strongest materials. If you're looking for a dependable siding replacement in Rockwall, TX, and Dallas, TX, let our staff complete the job. Call us at 469-264-5176 to set up an appointment today or examine our siding material options below.

Our Beautiful Siding Materials

Aluminum Siding 

There are many reasons why aluminum siding in Rockwall and Dallas, TX has been such a popular choice for homeowners. It is a lightweight material that is easy and affordable to install. Aluminum is also a very strong metal that is resistant to damage from insects and fire. It provides such great protection for the outside of your home that some homeowners insurance agencies will offer discounts on premiums for homes with aluminum exteriors. In addition to its strength and durability, aluminum siding creates a great aesthetic. It can be purchased in several different colors and textures, including those that produce the same appearance as natural wood shake siding. Aluminum can also increase the energy efficiency of your home and requires very little annual maintenance.

Vinyl Siding

One of the main reasons why our Rockwall and Dallas, TX vinyl siding is so popular is because it doesn’t need to be painted, which is a time-consuming process that most homeowners don’t want to have to deal with. In fact, vinyl siding materials generally have very low maintenance requirements. It is recommended that you complete an annual power wash to remove any mold and mildew that might be growing, but otherwise you can pretty leave your vinyl siding alone. In addition to its low maintenance, a vinyl siding installation is very affordable and easy to complete. You can also purchase vinyl materials to mimic the appearance of cedar shake siding products. Finally, homeowners will often get a vinyl siding installation to take advantage of the energy efficient benefits.

Wood Siding 

Wood provides a natural, classy appearance for your home. It also is an affordable, renewable, and easy to install siding material. Wood siding in Rockwall and Dallas, TX is also very simple to install if it is damaged. Generally speaking, wood siding materials are made from redwood cedar because it is resistant to insects and water damage. Once is cut, the wood can be fashioned into a wide variety of siding styles, including shakes, clapboard, and solid wood panels. Each style provides a different appearance for your home. When it comes to maintenance, wood requires treatment to prevent fungus growth and needs to be painted or stained every 5 to 10 years to keep it from rotting or drying out in the sun.

Hardie Board Siding 

Hardie Board Siding is made from cement, sand, and wood pulp. If properly installed, Hardie board and other cement board siding materials can last for more than 50 years. It is resistant to rot, insect infestation and fire damage. You can purchase Rockwall and Dallas, TX Hardie Board Siding in many different colors and textures, including those that mimic wood shakes or shingle siding. Installation of this material can be a bit expensive, but it requires only periodic maintenance and is so long-lasting that it will pay for itself over time.

Cedar Siding 

Generally, cedar siding is made from redwood cedar, which has an elegant natural color. This wood is used because it is one of the most durable softwoods. It is naturally resistant to water damage, which means that after it has been treated and stained it will provide your home with high-quality protection for several decades. If properly installed, cedar siding provides extra insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can install cedar in both horizontal or vertical styles, and it can be cut into many different styles of siding. Cedar shake siding in Rockwall and Dallas, TX is one of the most popular styles. Cedar siding materials provide an excellent appearance for both historical and contemporary homes. While the installation process can be extensive, you can purchase a few different grades of cedar siding to ensure that you get the appearance you want for your home at a price you can afford.

Shake Siding 

This style of wood siding tends to be thicker than shingles and can be more difficult to install because the pieces don’t lie flat. If properly installed, shake siding offers a wide range of benefits for your home, including noise reduction and energy efficiency. They have a typical lifespan of about 20 years and require quite a bit of maintenance. Cedar is the most popular choice for wood shake siding in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, as it is an incredibly durable material that is resistant to water damage. Once shake siding has been installed, and all the caulking is dried, it can be easily painted or stained to give you the appearance you want for your home.

Soffit Siding 

Soffit siding can be made from many different materials, including steel, wood, and fiber cement. The two most common materials used to create soffits are aluminum and vinyl. These two materials are strong and durable and have excellent ventilation properties. They also require very little maintenance and are not easily damaged. You can even have your materials come pre-vented to speed installation. If they do get damaged, they are easy to repair. Soffit siding damage can happen for many reasons, but often it is due to small insects and animals. Wasp, bee, and birds nests can actually be extremely harmful to your soffits. If you notice any type of animal or insect trying to build its home on your soffits, it won’t be long before they find their way into your attic. Removing the next and calling for Rockwall and Dallas, TX soffit siding repair is very important. Other signs that your soffits need to be serviced by a professional roofer include chipping or cracked paint, and areas that are sagging from water damage.

Fascia Siding 

In order to provide the best protection for your home, we offer several options for fascia siding in Rockwall and Dallas, TX that each has its own benefits. Vinyl, wood, and plastic are the three most popular fascia materials. Vinyl is an excellent material for fascia because is resistant to rot, water damage and insect damage. It is also easy to install and has excellent ventilation qualities. Plastic fascia materials can increase the energy efficiency of your home and are also resistant to damage from water and bugs. Wood materials are used mainly for their aesthetic characteristics.

Do You Need Siding Replacement

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We Are Here to Help When You Are Ready to Schedule Your Siding Replacement.

The siding on your home provides protection for the structure of your home, but it also establishes your home’s curb appeal and property value. If your siding is damaged, both functions could be in jeopardy. Signs that you need to schedule siding replacement include hail damage, cracks, bubbles, or blisters in the siding materials. You may also need to consider updating your siding if the color is faded or you’re adding on to your home. Regardless of the reason, if you need siding replacement in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions is here to help. We will walk you through the different options we provide and help you choose the one that is right for your home.

In addition to our reliable siding replacement services, we also offer a variety of siding maintenance. Home siding materials can vary in the amount of maintenance that they require. There are some that don’t require much maintenance at all and others that are maintenance intense. Our staff is ready to help with all of it. Whether you need a good power washing, staining, or painting, we offer professional services for all your siding replacement, repair, and maintenance needs. Give us a call at 469-264-5176 to schedule your appointment today.