Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Installation and Repairs

Mechanical Lock Metal Roof on a House

A Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Provides Protection Against Wind and Rain Damage.

There are 2 main options for standing seam metal roofs that you can pick from, mechanical lock and snap lock. Each type of roofing system has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Most notably, mechanical lock metal roofing is not as expensive, and a preferred option for lower sloped roofing systems. To order your own mechanical lock metal roof in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, speak with the professionals at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions for advice. Call us at 469-264-5176 to find out more about standing seam metal roof systems, or to determine which variety is best for your requirements.

Various Mechanical Lock Metal Roofing

When picking a standing seam metal roofing system, your main two choices are snap lock metal panels and mechanical lock metal panels. Though snap locks are preferred for roofs with steep slopes, mechanical lock metal roof panels are ideal for low sloped systems. Mechanical lock metal roofing is a slow installation in comparison to snap lock, but this is why it’s less costly too. Though minutely different, both varieties are quite capable of offering reliable protection for a long time. As with all metal roofs, you can additionally depend on this material to present your building with increased energy efficiency and minimal maintenance necessities. These roof solutions are now preferred in suburban areas and are very commonly chosen to defend commercial buildings as well.

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While roof materials such as asphalt shingles endure around two decades or so, standing seam metal varieties can last 40 years or more. For this reason, you will understandably notice a slightly heftier price for the initial installation. If you look at the lifetime of the roofing though, you’ll ultimately spend much less, because the roof system will not suffer regular damages, and it will not require as much maintenance. Our contractors are ready at 469-264-5176 if you’re interested in asking additional questions about the various kinds of standing seam metal roof systems. At Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions, we can help you apply a mechanical lock metal roof in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, or any other metal roof variety.