Stone Coated Steel Roofing

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There Are Many Benefits to Installing Stone Coated Steel Roofing Materials On Your Home.

Not only do our roofing systems add a lot of protection to our residential homes, but they can also a lot more than that. In addition to high-quality protection, they can also add more value and curb appeal to our homes. One of the best roofing systems that are able to do all of these things is stone coated steel roofing. While other roof materials may look nice, they can have a lot of structural weaknesses; with stone coated steel roofs, you can get the look of other roofing systems, but without any roofing issues. At Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions, we are proud to offer our residential customers living in Rockwall, TX or Dallas, TX stone coated steel roofing for their homes. To give customers that long-lasting protection and high-quality roofing, we use Decra Roofing Systems, an industry leader in stone coated steel roofing. Give your home the boost in protection and value with a stone coated steel roof today. Learn more about stone coated steel roofing in Dallas, TX and Rockwall, TX by calling our certified roofers today at 469-264-5176.

The Benefits of a Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Although stone coated steel roofs are known for how for how it adds value to residences and how strong it is. There are a lot of other amazing benefits, as well.

  • Lightweight: Unlike many roofing systems, stone coated steel roofing is very lightweight. This is great because not only is easier to install, it puts a less structural strain on your roof and home.
  • Resistant: Usually, you will find a roof material that is resistant to at least one thing, but stone coated steel roofs are resistant to fire, the wind, and noise, making them the perfect roofing for homes.
  • Easy Maintenance: With a lot of residential roofs, homeowners have to have regular maintenance. With stone coated steel, it requires little to no maintenance to keep in great condition.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Stone coated steel roofs are made from recycled material, which can then be completely recycled at the end of its lifespan.
  • Long-lasting: Stone coated steel roofing has a warranty of 50 years, making it an excellent choice for residential roofing.
  • Very Cost-Effective: Although the initial installation and material will cost more than your typical roofing material, it is actually a better investment because it will last a lot longer than any roofing material on the market.

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We Offer Professional Services to Install Stone Coated Steel Roofing Materials.

When you want a roofing system that is resilient, beautiful, and long-lasting, look no further than stone coated steel roofing. Our professional roofers are experts in installing stone coated steel roofs, using Decra Roofing Systems to ensure you get a high-quality stone coated steel roof. With superior workmanship and amazing roofing materials, we are able to give you the roofing system of your dreams. Pick up the phone and call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions today at 469-264-5176 to schedule an appointment for stone coated steel roofing in Rockwall, TX and Dallas, TX.