Painting Services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX

Roofers Completing Painting Services

If You’re House Needs Some Updating, Call and Ask About Our Professional Painting Services.

All painting services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX are not alike. When you need painting done on your home, call the exterior specialists at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at  469-264-5176 to receive a thorough prep, paint and clean up job, every time. Our team will complete any exterior painting needs including fences, sheds, guest houses, gazebos, and outdoor patios and living areas. Trust our paint experts to beautify and protect your exterior surfaces with professional, timely service.

There are many reasons to consider applying a new coat of paint to the exterior elements of your home. It will create a layer of protection against rain and sun damage. You can also prevent mold and mildew from growing on your home by applying specialty paints. Contact our staff if you want to employ an exterior repair company for your painting services in Rockwall, TX and Dallas, TX.

What Will Your Painting Services Include?

While some painting services include painting only, our service is completely comprehensive and includes every step from contract to clean up. We will complete all preparation work for you, as well as any small repairs that may alter the look of your new paint job.

Prep Work: Our experienced house painters will power wash your surfaces to get all dirt, dust, and debris off for a smooth paint job. We will remove all furniture and tape off all non-painted surfaces including windows, gutters, and trim to protect from overspray. Our technicians will also fill in, caulk, and sand any dents or blemishes to ensure a proper set.

Smoothing: We will remove all loose paint before beginning the paint job. Our team will primer any bare surface area to ensure fewer future touch-ups.


We can complete both interior and exterior painting projects

Painting: Not sure which type of paint to use? Our painters can advise you on the color, finish, and formula that’s best for your project. Know exactly which kind of paint you want? We are glad to use your brand and finish of paint.

Clean Up: Our painting professionals will never leave a mess. We will completely clean up any mess that was left, as well as move all furniture and decor back to its correct place.

When you need quality house painting services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call 469-264-5176 for the experienced painting specialists at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions. We will walk you through the process, informing you with product knowledge and procedure explanations to help you make the best choices for your family’s home.