Synthetic Shake Shingles

House with Synthetic Shingles on the Roof

Installing Synthetic Shake Shingles Provides a Great Appearance for Your Home’s Exterior.

Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions provides installation of synthetic shake shingles in Rockwall, TX, and Dallas, TX for homeowners who want the appeal of a wood shake roof minus the extra maintenance. Synthetic shake shingles do not need the same maintenance as wood shingles and the installation process is easier. Our staff is committed to providing our clients with a wide range of residential roofing products to ensure that you can choose the right roof for your home.  Whether you’re searching for a specific aesthetic or you are in need of a strong powerful roofing system, synthetic shake shingles are an excellent choice. Call our office at 469-264-5176 for more information.

Advantages Installing Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Require Much Less Maintenance Than Regular Shake Shingles.

There is a lot of maintenance needed for a wood shake roof. The roof has to be washed every few months to prevent harm from algae and moss growth. In addition, the shingles need routine inspections to keep on top of wood rot caused by water damage. Installation of cedar shakes requires specialized knowledge to account for the fact that the shingles are going to expand over time. Synthetic shingles can be installed like traditional asphalt shingles and they do not require a significant amount of maintenance. As a matter of fact, the only required attention is an annual inspection.

Synthetic shake shingles are not typically affected by strong storms. 106 mph driving rain and winds up to 200 mph do not impact this roofing system. Synthetic shake shingles cannot be impacted by fire, mold, mildew or termites. If you want to save money on both roof upkeep and repairs, get a synthetic shake shingle roof.

Additional Information Available

If you need a charming, rustic roof that offers excellent protection, synthetic shake shingles are a great choice. When you desire synthetic shake shingles in Dallas, TX and Rockwall, TX, Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions is here to help. Contact our office at 469-264-5176 to schedule your installation today. We are dedicated to offering expert roofing and exceptional client care. Our company works with only the finest roofing products in the business, so you can rest assured that the roof we install on your home is the best roof your money can buy.