Installation Services for Wood Shake Shingles

Brick home with Wood Shake Shingles

Wood Shake Shingles Provide a Rustic Appearance for Your Home.

Do you need a roofing system for your house that is stable, aesthetically pleasing, and has a raw appearance to it? If the answer is yes, a wood shake roof could be the right choice for your home. Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions offers only the finest wood shake shingles on the market. Though not a lot of residences appear with shake roofs now, the material is still available for homeowners who enjoy the look and value that come with the roof. If you want to know more about our services for wood shake shingles in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, just contact us today at 469-264-5176.

Benefits of Wood Shake Shingles

Choosing to install wood shake shingles to your residence provides a lot of fantastic advantages. When comparing wood shake shingles to a very traditional roofing such as asphalt shingles, wood shake roofs are actually far more resilient against severe storms. With wood shake roofing, this roofing system will withstand harsh winds, hail, twigs, and other hefty remnants. One of its most regarded traits is its beautiful wood material, that is not only visually pleasing but will also lower your heating and cooling prices every month. Similar to many roofing, wood shake roofs have their downsides that include considerable maintenance and high installation costs. Since roofing upkeep is so important, homeowners who have had a wood shake shingles have experienced roof defects due to little to nonexistent upkeep. Another big worry is that wood shake roofing is really flammable, and not recommended for locations prone to fires.

We Specialize in Wood Shake Shingles

Wood Shake Shingles

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Need to schedule an installation for wood shake shingles in Rockwall and Dallas, TX? Contact Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 and we will make an appointment that is convenient for you. Our roofers have years of experience, and client satisfaction is our number one priority always for each project. We can walk you through the whole roof process, and answer any queries you may have regarding the installation and upkeep of your wood shake shingle roof.  We are here to make sure get the best roof for your home.