Asphalt Shingle Repair

Roof Needing Shingle Repair

Protect Your Home From a Roof Leak With Regular Shingle Repair.

Have you been experiencing additional wear and tear on your home’s roof system as it ages? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions has reliable and cost-effective asphalt shingle repair in Rockwall and Dallas, TX. We also offer professional shingle roof installations, If basic repairs just aren’t adequate to give your roofing the defenses it requires.  If you’re unsure whether you need shingle repair or replacement, contact our office and we will complete an inspection to determine the exact condition of your roofing materials.  Our goal as a residential roofing company is to make sure your roof is adequately protected by a strong, durable roof. Contact us today at 469-264-5176 to get schedule an appointment for your shingle roof repairs.

Do You Need Shingle Repair?

Regarded as one of the more common as well as inexpensive roof types, asphalt shingle roof systems are made from asphalt granules atop fiberglass matting, which can be damaged or wear down over time. If your shingle roof has been damaged or is starting to show signs of aging, you don’t always need to have the roof replaced.  You can get shingle repair and extend the life your roofing system.  Signs that you need shingle repair include a handful of cracked shingles, shingles that are missing pieces, or shingles that are missing entirely.  These minors problems can be resolved with some basic shingle repairs from a professional residential roofer. Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions is always happy to help with whatever you need for shingle repair.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement & Restoration

Roof After Shingle Repair

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Nothing lasts indefinitely, and with an asphalt shingle roof, every fifteen years you should consider replacement or even restoration options. There is a wide selection of varieties to pick from, and we solely stock the top quality of materials. Our crew is experienced with offering asphalt shingle roofing solutions to our community, and we are proud of our craftsmanship. In order to provide you with the finest roofing systems, we partner with the best manufacturers in the industry and we are a GAF certified installation company. If you’re interested in shingle repair in Rockwall and Dallas, TX call our crew at 469-264-5176 today!