Emergency Roof Repair

If your home has been seriously damaged, you need fast roof repair service that you can count on. Major roof repairs should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional roofer. Serious damage to your roof can not only cause structural weakening, but foot traffic on a damaged roof can cause more extensive and costly damage. When you need emergency roof repair in Rockwall, TX, call our certified experts at (469) 264-5176 to get your home whole again.

What is Emergency Roof Repair?

Emergency Repair

Call our experts for your emergency roof repair to get the job done quickly.

A roof emergency usually occurs as the result of a major storm. Falling debris and hail are often the main culprits of damage, but high winds, snow and ice, and even rain can cause enough damage for it to turn into an emergency situation. Emergency roof repair is needed when there is a serious leak or large areas of the roof without protection. If your roof is seriously damaged in a storm, call a professional roof specialist immediately to evaluate and assess your damage. 

When you call for emergency roof repair in Rockwall, TX, your roofing team will first inspect the roof, looking for obvious signs of damage. Any debris will be cleared off of the roof. Once your roof is clear, your roofers will cover the damaged areas with a tarp to prevent further damage. The tarp will be applied with fasteners and two by fours to ensure its stability until permanent repairs can be made. Once your roof is secured, your technician will discuss your repair or replacement options, along with a cost and time frame estimate. They will also supply you with a damage report that you can use for insurance claims. Flat roofing systems can be fixed on the spot in many situations. A patching compound that isn’t affected by water or temperature can be used for most bitumen roofing systems to immediately repair your damages.

When you need emergency roof repair in Rockwall, TX, don’t call trust any roofing company.  Our experts will quickly secure your roof keeping damage to a minimum and evaluate the damage promptly. Call your GAF certified roofing technicians at (469) 264-5176 and get the roofing help you need, now.