Metal roofing

In Rockwall, TX, metal roofing can be a very good roof solution. Metal roofs can come in hundreds of colors and textures and are easily installed over existing roofs so tear off is minimal, and they can last for years to come. They are long lasting and require little maintenance in most cases, with high energy savings. If you are considering a new roofing system for your Rockwall, TX home, contact one of our roofing professionals today at (469) 264-5176 to discuss how a metal roof could benefit you.

Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roof

Our professionals can install metal roofs quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of having a metal roof are extensive. These roofing systems can last between 40 and 70 years, with minimal maintenance. A metal roofing system is durable and will not corrode or crack like shingles, and can sustain extreme weather and wind conditions without bending or breaking. However, this type of system is susceptible to rust in humid climates and can dent easier than other materials. Metal roofing systems are fire resistant, but also hard to cut through in the case of an internal fire rescue. Metal roofing systems are beautiful and long lasting systems that are dependable and durable in most climates and environments. Call our roofing experts today to find out if a metal roof is a right solution for your home.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof repair can be tricky due to the fact that aged metal tends to change color. Our roofing professionals work with multiple suppliers to get the closest match possible to your current metal, allowing for a more uniform finished look. Our professionals can also seal loose seams and separations within the system to prevent future leaks.When you need metal roof repair in Rockwall, TX, turn to the roofing experts first. Our team will evaluate and assess your situation, and discuss any repairs or mending work with you before beginning.

If you’re in the market for a new roof or need some repairs made to your current metal system, call our experts today at (469) 264-5176. We will guide you through the process and even work with your insurance carrier to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your roofing solution. Call our professionals today to schedule your consultation for your new metal roofing in Rockwall, TX.