Roof Hail Damage

When your roof has hail damage, its durability is compromised. Repairing any roof hail damage to your home will help your roof last longer and will minimize future maintenance and repairs. If you have noticed roof hail damage in Rockwall, TX, call our professional roofing team at (469) 264-5176 for an evaluation on your damage and an estimate covering your options, costs, and timeframes.

Signs of Possible Hail Damage

It is imperative to inspect your roof after every hail storm to ensure that any damage is caught quickly before it becomes a major issue. When inspecting your roof, there are specific signs to look for located hail damaged areas.

Thinned, Missing or Loose Shingles


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Upon inspection, if you find granules and grit in your gutters there is a good chance you will have hail damage on your roof. Granules in you gutter have recently been knocked off. Once on the roof, look for shingles with pinged spots on them. This is from the hail hitting and bouncing off, leaving bare spots in the asphalt. Shingles may also be loose or missing altogether due to hail impact.


Dents in Metal Roofs

If your metal roof has been pounded by large hail, you will notice dents and divots, much like a car that has hail damage. Typically, metal roofs will not need repairs due to hail damage, even if there are visible dents, as this does not affect the structure or protection ability of the roof.

Broken and Cracked Tiles

When a tile roof endures hail damage, owners will have broken or cracked tiles. Since tiles are replaced individually, this is one of the easiest roofs to repair after hail damage.

No matter what type of roof your home has if you think it may be damaged due to hail don’t wait for an inspection from a professional. Our roofing experts will evaluate your roof quickly and discuss your damage and options thoroughly so you can make the best decision for your home. We will also help you through the insurance process, assisting with the claim, adjusters, and follow ups.

If you think you have roof hail damage in Rockwall, TX, call the experts at (469) 264-5176 to begin making your roof beautiful again.