Roof Tear Off

When replacing your roof, it can sometimes be best for your home to completely tear off your old roof and start from scratch. While this can seem like an unnecessary cost, it can save money on repairs and future roof system installation. When you are considering a roof replacement, our roofing professionals will complete your replacement as well as your roofing tear off in Rockwall. TX. Call us today at (469) 264-5176 to schedule a consultation.

Roof Tear Off vs. Roof Overlay

Roofing Tear Off

Our roofers can not only help with your tear off, but also your replacement!

If you’re not sure whether a roof replacement or roof overlay would be more suitable for your home, consider the materials, layers, and age of your current roof. If your current roof is old or in poor condition, placing a new roof over it could cause leaks and other issues causing more repairs. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, then your decision is made for you. According to International Residential Code (R907.3), homes cannot have more than two layers of roofing, so you will need to tear off your old system and replace it. Shingles are a simple material to overlay a roof. However, if your roof is metal and you want to install a tile roof, you should tear off your old roof.

Roof overlay could be a good option for you if you only have one layer of shingles on your current roof. Likewise, if your roof is less than 10 years old and in acceptable condition, you could overlay your next roof. Converting your roof from asphalt shingles to materials like wood shakes or metal will usually only require a roof overlay job.

Why Use a Professional?

A roofing tear off seems simple enough. A weekend with your buddies tearing off your home’s old roof can actually sound almost pleasant. However, this job is tedious and time-consuming, and if done correctly, can cause hundreds of dollars in damage. A roof tear off that takes more time than expected can leave your home exposed to the elements, heightening the risk of damage. Tear offs require tools and skills to deal with unexpected situations that roofing experts are trained to deal with.

For a hassle free roofing tear off in Rockwall, TX, call our professionals today at (469) 264-5176. We’ll construct a customized plan for your home that fits your budget and timeframe, making your roofing experience comfortable and stress-free.