Your Roof and Hot Weather

Roof Damage from the Sun

Over Time, the Sun Can Dry Out Your Roof Making Easily Damaged in a Storm.

It’s been another hot summer in Texas, and now that it is coming to a close it’s probably a good idea to get your roof inspected for any damage that may have occurred during months of June and July. While you are probably aware of the impact that summer storms can have on your roof, you might not be aware of how hot weather and the sun can cause some substantial problems for your roof. Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions is always ready to inspect, repair and maintain your roof, so give us a call at 469-264-5176 and we’ll send one of our roofers to your house for some end of summer maintenance.

Heat Damage

The biggest perpetrator of damage to your roof during the summer is the UV rays from the sun. These rays are constantly beating down on your roof during the day, even on cloudy days. They have a drying effect on your roofing materials, causing them to become brittle. On sunny days, your roof can get extremely hot, which increases the damage done by UV rays.

Another factor that impacts your roof during the warm summer months is what is known as thermal shock. During the day, the temperature outside gets hot, and then it cools down at night. As this change in temperature happens you roof tends to expand and contract. Over time, this expanding and contracting wears down the roofing material, causing it to lose its flexibility and waterproof properties.

Don’t let the summer heat spoil your fall preparations with major roof problems. Call us and schedule a roof inspection today at 469-264-5176.