Save Energy with Attic Ventilation

Ever climb up in your attic to grab a box of Christmas ornaments in the winter and come back down the ladder all sweaty? You were only up there 5 minutes and the temperature outside is below freezing. If that has happened to you, it is because your attic is not ventilated, or not properly ventilated. Proper attic ventilation can reduce the sweltering heat that gets trapped in your roof, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. If you need attic ventilation in your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home, call the roofers at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

Why Do Attics Need to Be Vented?

A Roof Vent Can Save You Money on Energy Bills and Cool Down Your Home!

Attics need to be ventilated to keep the home at livable temperatures. By having roof vents and space between your rafters and ceiling, hot air that naturally rises can escape through the roof. If the hot air cannot escape and gets trapped, your roof gets damaged from the extreme temperatures. Heat levels of 150 degrees could be pushing against your shingle roof, causing the shingles to warp, split, and crack, shortening your roof’s lifespan and requiring replacement sooner. An attic fan that keeps the air circulating can help lower the temperature and prevent your roof from failing.

You may not think that the air in the attic will affect the air in the living room downstairs, but it does! If you ever walk from one room to another and they are completely different temperatures, it is because there is no ventilation of air. The air ducts found regularly around your home could be clogged and preventing air flow. With attic ventilation, all rooms are equally ventilated since the roof and attic cover the entire home. Your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to maintain temperature levels for all rooms when an attic is ventilated.

Contact Us for Roof Repairs

The attic ventilation and insulation is also good at absorbing water! This is beneficial for heavy rainstorms or snow that seeps through the roof. You won’t have to worry as much about a ceiling leak with roof ventilation. If your roof has gotten damaged from the extreme heat of your attic or leaks that weren’t absorbed because there was no ventilation, call us today for repairs! We’ll repair your roof and can install attic ventilation in your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home. Reach our roofers at 469-264-5176 to schedule an appointment.