How to Protect Your Home From Severe Wind and Rain

Severe Wind

Many Don’t Realize That Severe Wind Inflicts More Damage Than Hail Each Year.

Storm damage often makes homeowners feel helpless. Hail owns the worst reputation for rooftop trauma, but there are many potential problems created by extreme wind and rain, such as…

  • Misplaced or Torn Off Shingles
  • Hidden Roof Leaks
  • Foundation Damage
  • Wood Rot
  • Flooding

Thankfully, there are several measures we can take to keep our homes safe and protected against future storms. Here are some tips to help you defend your home against severe wind damage and water degradation.

What is Wind Damage to a Roof?

There are two common forms of wind damage (not including tornadoes): wind force and wind-borne debris. Consistently strong wind can gradually uplift and rip away shingles (even tile, in some cases). To have sufficient force to cause severe wind damage, wind speeds typically need to exceed 50-60mph.

Of course, wind can also throw plant and other miscellaneous debris against your roofing system. Many homeowners have trees that hang over their rooftops. This is actually pretty dangerous, especially in environments with extreme storm patterns. If your trees are consistently dropping debris over your roof, you may want to consider a tree regulator installation for storm damage preventionOtherwise, you consistently risk falling branches creating a roofing emergency.

Proper Draining, Plus Gutter Maintenance

Rain causes much more degradation each year than hail. It can effect your foundation, cause wood rot in your attic, and much more. To help you avoid these headaches, make sure your property is arranged for proper draining. That may include minor landscaping work and new gutter installation, but the payoff is thousands of dollars in avoided damages. Above all, make sure water is flowing away from your home (not towards your foundation) during the next rain storm.

Need to Schedule Roof Wind Damage Repair?

If you’ve already suffered damages from severe wind, our team at Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions would be happy to help by providing repairs. You can call our team at 469-264-5176 and schedule an inspection for roof wind damage repair.