Soffit and Fascia: Which is Which?

Soffit and Fascia on Brown Roof

Your Soffit and Fascia Offer Protection Against Debris, Water, and Unwanted Pests.

Homeowners often confuse soffit with their home’s fascia. It’s an easy mistake to make, because your soffit and fascia are linked together to protect your home. Here is a quick breakdown of your home’s soffit and fascia, plus the benefits each section provides for your home.

Soffit: Providing Proper Ventilation

When your roof extends beyond the wall of your home, the underside of the extension is called the soffit. Your home’s soffit has an important job: ventilation. Throughout the day, your rooftop absorbs ultraviolet radiation and starts to accumulate heat. Venting this heat is absolutely critical to maintaining the air conditioning in your home, especially for houses with long hours of focused sunlight.

That’s why you’ll see small vents on the underside of your roof. Strong soffit materials will also protect your roof from excess moisture and water damage. If your soffit is weakened by wood rot or some other form of corrosion, the integrity of your rooftop could be at risk.

Fascia: Supporting Your Gutter

Located on the tip of your roof between the top and soffit is your fascia. Your fascia and soffit work together to keep out wind-blown rain, debris, and pests that might try to sneak in under your roof. One of the most important roles of your fascia is to serve as the connection point for your gutter system. Without a sturdy fastening point, your gutter would pull away from your roof during storms and damage your home.

That’s the difference between your home’s soffit and fascia. For more information or to schedule a roof inspection, talk to one of our experts at 469-264-5176.