What to do After a House Fire

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If You Need Fire Damage Restoration For Your Home, Call Us Today

House fires are scary and dangerous events. While we do everything we can to try to prevent them from happening, sometimes accidents occur. Faulty wiring, mother nature, or a forgetful moment of leaving the stove on or a curling iron plugged in can set a house ablaze. If your house has been affected by a fire, you will need fire damage repair and fire restoration services. Fire damage repair involves immediate repairs of the damaged structure, while fire damage restoration involving scavenging for objects that can be saved. For fire damage restoration services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

How Fire Damage Does So Much Destruction

Areas of the home you should inspect and assess for fire damage repair include:

  • The kitchen, since this is most likely where the fire originated. Whether it be from a dish towel hovering too close to a heating unit or an oven with too much baked on grease that resulted in a grease fire, nearly half of all residential fires start in the kitchen.
  • Check appliances that use large amounts of energy. These include appliances like dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, HVAC units, and toaster ovens.
  • Dryers are especially prone to catching fire if the lint buildup inside gets too high and heated. Melted plastic in the dishwasher or faulty parts can cause it to overheat.
  • Aluminum foil often sets microwaves ablaze.
  • Crumbs or faulty wires can set off finicky toaster ovens, as well.
  • Leaving a candle going in the bedroom or living room can catch fire on bedding or curtains.
  • Chimneys and fireplaces are often forgotten about and not cleaned as regularly as they should, allowing burning embers, ash, and dust to build up and escape.

How Do I Clean my House After Smoke Damage?

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House Fires Cause a Lot of Damage And Need Fire Damage Restoration

Something as simple as opening a window can help you in your process of fire damage cleanup as it ventilates the smoke out. Also, wash what clothes and fabrics were exposed to smoke and fire damage that day. Don’t start doing major fire damage restoration by yourself just yet, and wait until you contact your insurance agency and a professional fire damage restoration company. You could end up throwing away evidence or a severely charred valuable that you could get restored or compensated for! For a professional professional fire damage restoration company in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176.

How Do You Clean Up After a House Fire?

While it is overwhelming and heartbreaking trying to regroup after dealing with a house fire, there are some important things that need to be addressed immediately. These include finding a safe place to stay, contacting your insurance, and recovering your possessions.
Find a Safe Place to Stay

Even if only a part of your home took the brunt of fire damage, the entirety of the home will have smoke damage. Breathing in too much smoke can lead to lung cancer! Evacuate your home and stay with family or friends or a local disaster relief shelter such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

You’ll need to make a claim right away about “loss of use.” This claim will help cover living and other daily expenses while finding temporary shelter and going through the process of fire damage restoration.

Address Your Finances

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If You Have Been in a House Fire and Need Fire Damage Restoration, Call Us

Even if your home is destroyed by fire damage, you still have to pay mortgage payments for the lot of land. Your insurance policy should cover your home’s value and mortgage to help ease the financial burden while you regroup and look for a new place to live.

Recover Your Possessions

Recovery after a house fire is never fun. Know that there will be losses, but hope that the items that you want and need were preserved. So, is fire damage covered by homeowners insurance? Typically any items destroyed in a fire are covered by insurance in the homeowners replacement cost policy. You will receive the cash value of the damaged items and a replacement for the destroyed items after they are accounted for during the home fire restoration process.

How Can You Prevent a House Fire?

You can prevent house fires by practicing safe cooking habits like staying in the kitchen when food is boiling, frying, or being grilled. If you live in wildfire prone areas, get a flame resistant roof like metal or tile so you can avoid having to get emergency roof repair in Dallas, TX. Don’t smoke in bed and make sure the cigarette butss are completetely stubbed out in an ashtray. Don’t cause your extension cords and wires to short circuit and start a fire by placing too many plugs in one socket. If you use any gas products like a fireplace, water heater, or space heater, monitor it while in use. Teach your children about fire safety and practice it yourself! It could not only save your home, but your life! For fire damage restoration services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176.