Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Option

If you are looking to install a new roof on your home, one of the best roofing options to consider is architectural shingle roofing. While it’s a very beautiful roofing system, there are other reasons homeowners should think about choosing this type of roof for their home. Below are some reasons why architectural shingle roofing is a great option.

They Are Very Durable

Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Option

Learn Why Architectural Shingle Roofing Is a Great Residential Roof Option.

Are you interested in a roof that can last more than 20 years? With architectural shingles, you are able to have that type of roof between 25 to 40 years; you never have to worry about replacing this roofing system while you are living in your home.

Offers Fantastic Protection

Another great characteristic of an architectural shingle roof is that they are resistant to a lot of things like severe winds, hails, and even temperature changes. Because of the material, it can withstand a lot.

Adds More Curb Appeal

As stated before, architectural shingles are such an aesthetically pleasing roofing system. Because of this, they are able to add more curb appeal to your home, which in turn can add more value to your property.

They Pay for Themselves

The cost of the architectural shingle roofs are higher than most, but because of its durability, resistance to elements, and beauty, it ends up paying for itself in the long run.

They Are Energy Efficient

In addition to all of the other great benefits, architectural shingles are very energy efficient. Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, architectural shingles were designed with more insulation as well as more light deflection properties.

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