Why You Should Get a Metal Roof Installed

gray metal roof on home

Residential Metal Roofing Is A Great Investment If You Want A Roof That Will Last Generations

While once primarily only seen on commercial roofs, metal is becoming increasingly seen on more and more residential roofs. That is because homeowners are taking note of the many advantages that metal provides as a roofing system. One of the big issues that homeowners deal with if they have asphalt shingles are storm damage and leaks. Asphalt shingles are so popular because they are affordable due to their cheap materials. The cheap materials allow for easy wear and tear to happen. With metal, the the panels are virtually indestructible. Metal roofs are seamless and durable, meaning that leaks won’t happen, eliminating the need for you to call an emergency plumbing service for leak repair. While the price for metal roof installation is not cheap upfront, you save thousands of dollars over time as metal roofs last 3 times as long as asphalt roofs and require little maintenance. If you are interested in having metal roofing installed on your Rockwall and Dallas, TX home, call Heaven Sent Exterior Solutions at 469-264-5176 today.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

  • Metal roofs last a minimum of 50 years, with average lifespans of 80 years. Well kept metal roofs can last up to 100 years before they need to be replaced!
  • Metal roofing is available in tons of different materials. You can choose from steel, aluminum, standing seam, or corrugated. You can get these metal roofs installed as vertical or horizontal panels or as shingles.
  • To prolong your metal roof’s life, you can get a metal roof coating that is easily sprayed and reapplied on top of your metal roof. You can opt for colored coatings if you don’t want a silver metallic roof.
  • Metal roofing is highly reflective, lowering the temperature of your home and therefore lowering your energy bills,